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Nova Ray® ROV Quotation Request

Are You Interested In Exploring Nova Ray ROVs?

Just fill in the Nova Ray ROV Configuration Quote Request form, and we will follow up with the perfect Nova Ray ROV configuration for your need.

Please tell us as much about what you need, and how you are thinking of using the Nova Ray in your business? Once we get this will will follow up if there are any supplemental questions, and send your quotation right out to you.

In the mean time …

Would you like to talk with a Nova Ray Configuration Specialist now to review and confirm you specific needs, and explore any additional options with you?

We are sure that you will find that the Nova Ray® Patented Arcuate Winged ROV Platform will meet and exceed any competing ROV for stability, precision, performance, and return on your investment! Just let us show you why!

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Nova Ray Quotation Form

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  • Trade-In Discount

    Are you interested in a Trade-In Discount on Nova Ray when trading in your current used ROV?
  • We offer generous discounts when you trade-in your current ROV / UUV / AUV with the purchase or lease of a Nova Ray. What brand would you like to trade in?
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