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Nova Ray® ROV 305 / 550 Model Attributes

Max Depth 305 or 550 Meters
  • From Surface to Depth
  • Fully Functional At Surface
  • Fully Tested To Target Depth
Max Current 8 knots +
  • Fully Stable Against Currents In Any Axis/Direction
  • Arcuate Wings Counters Destabilizing Effects Of Cable Drag, Cross/Tidal/Turbulent Currents
  • Thrusters Can Be Used For Additional Stabilization
Max Speed Over
8 knots +
  • Can Be Towed A Speeds Of 9+ Knots Or More
  • Free Flying Speed Is Based Upon Thruster HP
  • 6* Knots For Standard 1/3HP Thrusters
Operational Modes Control Tow + Free Flying
  • Can Be Towed
  • Towed With Thrusters
  • Free Flying With Thrusters
Cable Effects Negligible
  • Patented Arcuate Wings, Patented Tow Point, Control Surfaces & Thrusters Overcome:
    • Cable Drag
    • Cable Oscillations
    • Cable Induced Lift & Pitch
    • Other Current Instability (Yaw / Wagging)
Control Aircraft-Like Control Surfaces
  • Rudder Provides Directional Control
  • Thrusters Provide Yaw Rotation And Forward/Reverse Direction
  • Arcuate Wing Ailerons (Elevons) Provide Vertical Control Pitch Up/Down & Roll Control
  • Wings Provide Roll/Pitch Stability
Thrusters 1/3 HP Standard
  • Two Industrial Grade DC Brushless Rare Earth Motors
  • Port/Starboard Magnetic Drive
  • Impact Resistant Thruster Guards
  • 1/2 to 2HP Optionally Available**
Cable/Depth Ratio Las Low As 2:1
Umbilical 100m
  • 100 Meters Provided Standard
  • 15mm/12 Conductor/Neutrally Buoyant
  • Any Length Can Be Optionally Provided (May Require Thruster Upgrade**)
  • Umbilical May Need To Be Upgraded If Custom Sensors Configured Requiring More Conductors/Data Lines**
Command & Control Multi-Screen
  • Nova Ray 305/550 Models Include:
    • Industrial Laptop Computer Plus Dual Screens For Video & Sonar
    • Commercial Grade Pilot 3-Axis Joystick
    • All Built Into Travel Case But May Be Installed In Permanent Location On Vessel
Control Software Proprietary + 
  • Proprietary Piloting & Control Software Showing ROV: Attitude, Depth, Heading, & Temp
  • Plus Sensor Data Viewing Software Provided By Sensor Manufacturer (i.e. Teledyne BlueView Standard)
Flight Controls Multiple Control Modes
  • Manual Flight Control Plus 3 Auto Pilot Modes:
    • Heading Hold
    • Wings Level Mode
    • Depth Level Model
  • Optional Altimeter Provides Additional Mode: Altitude Hold Providing Stable Automatic Altitude Control Above Floor**
Cameras Dual Cameras Standard
  • Provides Dual Views Or Stereoscopic For VR
  • Still Photo & Full HD Video
  • Allows Photogrammetry (With 3rd Party Software)
  • Includes High Intensity Lights
  • Optional Automatic Hardware Image Enhancement**
  • Mounts For Additional Cameras Or Sensors
Sonar Front & Side Scan Standard
  • Forward Scan Sonar: Teledyne BlueView***
  • Side Scan Sonar: EdgeTech Side Scan Frequencies from 75 kHz to 1600 kHz – Simultaneous Dual Frequency operations***
  • Optional Bottom Profiler Can Be Added**
  • Typical Maximum of 4 Sensors Plus Cameras (Depending on Devices)**
Power Shipboard or Generator
  • Operator Provided Typically Under 300w (VA) (Includes ROV & Control Station)
  • Easily Powered By Portable Generator
Physical Industrial Strength
  • Dimensions: 1022mm x 997mm x 356mm (550 Model 406mm)
  • Out Of Water Weight: 31kg
  • Construction:
    • Wings Proprietary Polymer & Resin Formula
    • Molded Components Highly Impact Resistant
    • Body Stainless Steel & Aluminum
    • Acrylic Dome Optional (Not Required For Dual External Cameras)**
Notes: * Approximate ** Optional Feature At Additional Cost *** Full Sensor Specifications & Data Sheet Available Upon Request
Nova Ray 305 / 550 Meter Models Features