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Nova Ray® Near Future Projects

Coral Partners is a technology development company that is constantly pushing the envelope in underwater technology and robotic vehicles based upon our decades of practical real-world experience working in the world’s oceans. With each new technology and product, we utilize this experience to expand our portfolio of propriety products and intellectual property. At Coral Partners we are not satisfied to re-use the work of others, you driving force is to pioneer new approaches, new technologies, and from these new robotic vehicles.

The New Nova Ray® AeroSub Flying Submersible Drone Coming In 2018

The New AeroSub™ based upon the proprietary HyrdoSail™ Control Surface Technology

Coral Partners announces their new UAV/AUV Autonomous Aerial Submersible Drone currently under development for 2018 release.

The inventors of the Nova Ray ROV will introduce the new AeroSub™ AUUV Autonomous Aerial Submersible Drone, an autonomous submersible ROV/drone designed to transition from air to underwater and back to air.  Currently, almost all of the aerial drones in the marketplace are either helicopter, quadcopter, or fixed wing style, which are not hydrodynamic.  The few quadcopters which claim to be submersible are still limited to operation in swimming pools and/or connected to a tether due to their design limitations.  None of them are capable of accomplishing any meaningful work.

The new Nova Ray AeroSub is designed to be a fully functional ROV that can travel to and from the work location by air. It will be fully capable of airborne stability, then landing on real ocean water conditions, then submerge and perform real inspection and data gathering.

Unlike the typical toy quadcopters now being sold as hybrid marine drones, the AeroSub provides real maneuverability underwater using the proprietary HydroSail control surface technology innovated by Coral Partners. This allows for maximum control immediately after entering the water, as well as stable rapid take off to easily transition from the water domain to the air.

Performance features of the Nova Ray AeroSub™ Autonomous Aerial Submersible Drone are:

  • Aerial range up to two kilometers.
  • Depth range up to 30 meters / 98 feet – suitable for most near-short inspection.
  • Power, charge time, and range from base station are designed for maximum usability.
  • Independent power systems for aerial vs submerged operations.
  • RF real-time control of submerged AeroSub or autonomous operation.

Nova Ray AeroSub Autonomous Aerial Submersible Drone Applications and Services

The Nova Ray AeroSub Autonomous Aerial Submersible Drone is the first portable, deployable submersible ROV capable of flying and performing the following:

  • Underwater/aerial photography and video.
  • Fully equipable with sonar (side scan or front scan)
  • Adaptable to other mission critical instrumentation – magnetometer, metal detection, radiological/radiation, chemical,
  • Inspection of ships’ hulls without haul out and dry dock expenses.
  • Inspection of submerged assets i.e. pipelines, oil platforms, docks, harbors and coastlines, etc. up to a depth of 100 feet/30 meters.
  • Homeland security: discreet detection of nuclear, chemical, or biological products on vessels entering port.
  • Ecological and biological sensitive surveillance – reefs, marine habitats, and more.
  • Shallow water inspection where typical vessels could not navigate.
  • Difficult to access inland waters, rivers, and lakes.
  • Search, rescue, and rapid salvage.

Military Applications:

  • Mine counter-measures
  • Procurement of intelligence  – movement of small vessels and enemy combatants.
  • Ocean shallows inspection
Coral Partners Nova Ray AeroSub Drone

Nova Ray AeroSub
Coming in 2018

The Nova Ray Black Diamond Tactical ROV Coming In 2018

Nova Ray Black Diamond Tactical ROV

Nova Ray® Black Diamond Tactical ROV

Coral Partners, the creators of the Nova Ray® family of revolutionary patented winged remotely operated underwater vehicles is developing a new line of Military & Security Suitable Tactical ROVs.

The Black Diamond are being designed with unequaled performance suitable for shallow & deep operations in off-shore, near-shore, and inland waterways.

These ROVs will allow for remote 360° video surveillance and equipped with hydrophones, and other optional sensors as may be needed for multiple mission flexibility.

They will not utilize the control surfaces on the normal Nova Rays since they may operate in conditions in lakes & rivers where different concepts in control will be needed.

Nova Ray Black Diamond Tactical ROV

The Black Diamond Tactical ROVs utilize the Coral Partner copyrighted coloration patterning to limit visibility from the surface. Additionally, they will be battery operated, but maintain a zero-emission fiber-optic tether for data or a suitable transmitter for tether-free operation if desired.

This ROV platform is designed for maximum performance and maneuverability in any environment, including high-currents. Currently under development, and we are seeking stake-holder insights for its continuing evolution.

Black Diamond™ & Tactical ROV™ are both trademarks of Coral Partners LLC. – All Rights Reserved Worldwide

The Black Diamond™ Tactical ROV™ will utilize Coral Partners patented Arcuate Wing technology for unequaled underwater stability, control and performance. Designed for more extreme uses, like all Nova Ray® ROVs will be very easy to operate.

Anticipated Black Diamond™ Tactical ROV Features

  • Anticipated Underwater Speed 6+ knots
  • Hand Transportable / Hand Deployable
  • Multi-Hour Battery / Dormant Listening Mode
  • Sensors: Multi-Spectral Camera / 360° Camera / Hydrophone / CBN Detectors / Others
  • Weaponizable
Nova Ray Black Diamond Tactical ROV With Proprietary Copyrighted Underwater Tactical Camouflage Type 1
Nova Ray Black Diamond Tactical ROV With Proprietary Copyrighted Underwater Tactical Camouflage Type 2