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Coral Partners - the maker of the Nova Ray ROV

Maker of the Revolutionary Nova Ray® ROVs

About Coral Partners

Coral Partners, LLC is located in Seattle Washington U.S.A. Our management team has a 25-year track record of successful innovation in marine technologies, inventing, patenting and promoting marine remotely operated vehicles, and other marine ventures.

Our Background and Business Experience:

  • Private pilots and Commercial Divers since 1978.
  • Technicians and Specialists in Sonar and Magnetometer Science since 1989.
  • Expert Submersible & Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) pilots since 1991.
  • Nova Marine Exploration, Inc. – 1992
  • Inventors of the patented Nova Ray ROV, with numerous patents approved since 2001 onwards.
  • Nova Ray Inc. formed in 2003 (since folded into Coral Partners)
  • Marine Exploration Services, LLC started using & reselling Nova Rays
  • Global Solutions Providers in Underwater Inspection & Monitoring
  • Technology Transfer Specialists around the world

Proprietary Technology

Coral Partners’ management has more than a 25-year track record of inventing patenting and promoting successful marine technology.

Our showcase technology is the Nova Ray submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The innovative shape and patented design of the Nova Ray® ROV and its intellectual property is disruptive and revolutionary.

The Nova Ray ROV is the result of 10+ years of research and development (with a US$3.5M investment in proprietary technologies) and solves such industry problems as response time, ease of use, and most uniquely, the ability to “control tow” or operate in strong currents as well as loiter for extended observation while under tow.  Its portability, reliability and innovative design applications promise unequaled potential for deep market share penetration in underwater operations of all kinds.

Coral Partners Locations:

  • Seattle Washington U.S.A – Headquarters / R&D / Manufacturing
  • Miami Florida U.S.A – Marketing & Sales
  • Saint Petersburg Florida U.S.A. – Sea Trials Testing / Demonstration Site
  • Singapore – Asian Sales
  • Manila Philippines – Technology Transfers

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More About Coral Partners

Coral Partners, LLC is an International Business Consultancy firm dedicated to the development of innovative marine technologies with a secondary focus on projects that provide global benefit and interest the principals of the Company.

At our core is the development of new technology for Commercial & Industrial Marine Exploration using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) (also called UUV – Unmanned Underwater Vehicles or Submersible Drones).

The Nova Ray ROV is the first of such series of submersible platforms. Their revolutionary patented “Arcuate Wing Design” is causing a disruptive change in the way ROV’s are used in marine surveys and inspections, surveillance & monitoring, law enforcement & military applications. The Nova Ray is the first ROV which can be both towed or fly under its own thruster power at the same time. This provides exceptional and unequaled maneuverability and flexibility, vastly reducing time at sea, or increasing ROI by allowing significantly greater coverage in 5x to 10x less time.

Supplemental Marine Projects

Additionally, Coral Partners researches, evaluates and undertakes various underwater and shipwreck projects, classifying them into three specific categories based upon the type of return as well as their cultural, academic, historic and financial impact.

Our Mission is to pursue each project for its potential as a unique and exciting discovery, while preserving its historical, cultural and academic values for future generations.

Footnote: Please note that over the years the company has changed its name and/or corporate composition. You may find past references online to “Nova Ray Inc.,” and others. However, Coral Partners is the current legal name of the company, and still has the founders of the original company, along with new members who bring vast experience in other areas essential for the company’s future success.

Coral Partners - the maker of the Nova Ray ROV
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Coral Partners Nova Ray Submersible