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Nova Ray Options – An Ocean Of Possibilities

The Nova Ray – The Patented Winged ROV

Nova Ray ROV - 305 Model Configuration

All sleek Nova Ray models deliver incredibly powerful inspection and survey information through its internal camera system & sensor capabilities.

Communications from the Nova Ray ROV to the Control Console incorporating a provided laptop with our proprietary Nova Ray command & control software system and secondary visual image display video monitor(s) (depending on configuration).

Primary Nova Ray ROV Applications Include:

  • Risk Reduction Inspection
  • Marine Research
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Cable & Pipeline Inspection
  • Bottom Anchor Damage Review & Analysis
  • Waterway Emergency Response & Recovery Operations
  • Port / Marina Security
  • Vessel Inspection at Port or at Sea
  • Property Recovery
  • First Responder Use
  • Military & Special Operator Uses

Nova Ray ROV Deployment Options:

  • From Port / Dock
  • From Small Boat
  • From Large Vessel
  • From Helicopter
  • From Heavy Lift Aerial Drone
  • From Shore

Nova Ray ROV Key Design Features Include:

  • Patented Portable Nova Ray ROV with “Arcuate” Wings – Proprietary to Nova Ray
  • Proprietary Nova Ray Command and Control Software with Interval Upgrades
  • Fully Digital Onboard ROV Electronics
  • 3-Auto Pilot Modes for Multi-Tasking
  • Maximum Performance Dual Operation Mode (Tow or Free Use Thrusters)
  • Two, 1/4hp High Efficiency Power Thrusters
  • Dual-quartz High Intensity Lighting System
  • 300ft Umbilical for Data & Power (Optionally Longer)
  • Internal Camera & Sensor Payload Dry Compartment System – Can Accommodate Many Industrial & HD Video Cameras
  • Patented Channel and Rail System for Optional Instruments & Add-on Devices
  • Nominal Configuration Depth rated to 305 meters (1,000 ft)
  • Sonar Ready
  • Easy Field Repairable – Swap Out Components

Also Included:

  • Integrated Nova Ray Surface Command & Control Console with 3-Axis Joystick; Laptop Computer ; and Real-time Video Display
  • Transport/Operation Cases with Wheels and Telescoping Handles
  • Tools & Parts Standard Kit (TAPS)

Nova Ray In Action

Nova Ray Configuration Options

Side-scan Sonar Equipped

When equipped with Side-scan Sonar, the Nova Ray ROV delivers exceptional image clarity to the Control Console in Real-Time. Images are displayed in high resolution for wide area sweeps, reconnaissance projects, and underwater searches and surveys of large areas. Because of the high-efficiency thrusters you have the ability to loiter and maneuver to view anything of interest, even in strong current.  If working in turbid or murky water, low light conditions or are focused on locating objects, the Nova Ray delivers unequaled performance.

Wide-vision Forward Scan Sonar Equipped

When equipped with Wide-vision Forward Scan Sonar, the extreme performance of the rugged Nova Ray ROV records data, images and provides real-time feedback to the operator. The forward scan sonar has the flexible capabilities to meet specific project needs. The Nova Ray’s proprietary Skids provide for extra payload and stability.

Optional Nova Ray configurations can provide dual application features.

Easy removal of the forward scan sonar system and external camera quickly converts the Nova Ray ROV back to basic inspections and surveys using the internal camera system. Applications include detection and/or obstacle avoidance (obstructions and other hazardous devices), and area surveillance. An ideal use is for baseline and repetitive imaging of specific locations and structures or for environmental monitoring.

Additional Options Include:

  • Removable Nose Extension with Viewing Dome Replacement
  • “Nova+” Skids for Extra Payload Attachment
  • External and Internal Camera System
  • A Vast Array of additional sensors (such as those at right)

Deep Diving Configuration

This robust Nova Ray ROV offers Deep Diving Configuration offers comprehensive imaging and tracking capabilities for a broad range of user applications. It can include high resolution sonar, both side scan and forward scan. The forward scan sonar includes flexible capabilities to meet specific project needs. The “Nova+” optional skids provide for extra payload attachment, as well as multiple deployment configurations. The typical basic configuration is for full range imaging, however with the removal of the forward scan sonar system it allows for additional configurations, such as: Side scan and internal camera imaging, or removal of all sonar for more focused visual inspections and surveys. Like all Nova Ray ROVs, any configuration can accommodate user selected add-on technology.

A Range Of Options

Here are but a few of the options available. Each Nova Ray can be custom delivered to meet your exacting needs:

  • Altimeter
    Optional Altimeter for altitude data and additional auto pilot mode. The altimeter measures altitude of structures and objects, range to other structures and objects, and monitors sedimentation or scouring.
  • Nova Ray Articulating Arms
    Manipulators / Articulating Arms are available using customer specified devices or Nova Ray Electric Manipulators.
  • Redundant Circuits
    Reduce potential down time in the field with extra Easy-to-install / Field-swappable Back-up Control Boards. Allowing for any repair work to easily be done at the factory without having to send the entire ROV back.
  • External Camera
    An external camera comes standard with specific configurations, but can be add-on to other models.
  • Upgrade Fiber Optic Umbilical
    Convert to fiber optic cable for enhanced communications capabilities with smaller diameter umbilical.
  • Navigation and Tracking
    Advanced technology, map-based navigation and tracking solutions are easily integrated to meet user applications.
  • Nova Ray Higher Efficiency Thrusters – 1/2 HP
    Beef up thruster power with two, ½ hp thrusters for projects requiring more power.
  • Nova Ray Vertical Thrusters
    While the Nova Ray is highly maneuverable, some projects may desire the addition of vertical movement in a confined survey space (ie, port pilings). Nova Ray offers its high-performance vertical thrusters for exactly these situations.
  • Your Sensors & Instrumentation
    Add your own sensors or instruments to the Nova Ray, these can include (but are not limited to): Chemical – Biological Radiation Detection, Magnetic Detection, Alternate Wavelength / Vision Camera Systems,  Sample Capture, Tagging, and much more. All Nova Ray ROVs are hydrophone ready.
  • Inspection Software
    Inspection Manager Enterprise software, from NetLink Inspection Systems, provides a powerful tool capable of life-cycle management for the inspection requirements of company assets (ship hull surveys, offshore platforms, subsea pipelines). NetLink, a provider of software and related services, addresses the need for computerized subsea inspection data acquisition. Operator defined software can also be integrated.

Included Standard With Nova Ray Configurations

  • TAPP(+) Kit (Tools and Parts Plus Kit)
    Tools and parts for basic maintenance and repairs in the field are conveniently packaged into the TAPP (+) Kit. While the Nova Ray® undergoes rigorous Quality Assurance testing, breakdowns can occur on any project site. That’s one of the reason why the Nova Ray® is modular in design. If a part breaks, fix or replace it onsite and get back to work. Return the part to the factory later. The kit includes the Basic TAPS kit items and one each of the following: light, complete circuit board, thruster, actuator and skid. Help keep your project on schedule with the TAPP (+) kit.
  • Integrated Nova Ray Surface Command & Control
    Integrated Nova Ray Surface Command & Control Console with 3-Axis Joystick; Laptop Computer ; and Real-time Video Display
  • Transport/Operation Cases
    Transport/Operation Cases with Wheels and Telescoping Handles – no need to purchase third-party carry cases.

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Additional Nova Ray Applications

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Aquaculture Off-Shore
  • Biological Monitoring & Management
  • Broadcast 4K HD Video
  • Submarine Cable Inspection
  • Diver Support
  • Educational / Academic / Research
  • Environmental Protection & Monitoring
  • Fisheries Monitoring & Management
  • Deep Water Benthic Surveying
  • Geo-Hazard & Seabed Features
  • Infrastructure (Dams, Bridges, Ports)
  • Law Enforcement (Scene Inspection)
  • Homeland Security Chemical Biological Nuclear Detection
  • Hydroelectric Inspection
  • Offshore / Ocean Floor
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline
  • Military (Observation / Intelligence / Weaponization)
  • Nuclear Monitoring
  • Port Security
  • Vessel Inspection & Surveillance
  • Salvage & Recovery – Maritime & Inland Waters
  • Science & Research (Oceanography, Archaeology, Geology)
  • Search & Rescue (Rapid Location, Recovery, Rescue)
  • Tourism / Fishing Applications
  • Water Management (Oceans, Fresh Water)
  • Future Applications

Environment Suitability

  • Still Water
  • Lakes, Rivers, Streams
  • Shore & Estuaries
  • Near Shore
  • Off Shore / Open Ocean
  • Deep Ocean – to 4,000 Meters
  • Flooded Underground / Caves
  • Waterlines / Tunnels / Sewers

Instrument Capable / Available Configurations

  • Multiple Instrument Attachments
  • Flexible Payload Capability
  • Multibeam Echo Sounder
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Front Scan Sonar
  • Side Scan & Front Scan Sonar
  • Blue View 3D Sonar Support
  • Sub-Bottom Profiler
  • LIDAR Support
  • Precision Attitude Measurement
  • Metal Detection
  • Radiological Detection
  • Biological Detection
  • Chemical Detection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • UV Imaging
  • Scientific Imagers
  • Single Angle Still Photography / Video
  • Multi-Angle Still Photography / Video
  • Real-Time Camera Control
  • Live Video
  • Recorded Video on Device
  • Streaming Video To Internet
  • HD / UHD Video
  • 360° Video / Photography
  • Self-Lit Cameras
  • Hydrophones / Microphones
  • Diver Communications Relay
  • Biological Samplers (“D” Sampler, Suction Sampler)
  • RDI Sentinel Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
  • Acoustic Modems
  • Altimeter & Bathymetric Sensors
  • Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) system
  • Hydroacoustic USBL
  • YSI Sonde
  • Conductivity Temperature and Depth
  • Ultrasonic Metal Thickness
  • Turbidity Sensor
  • Future Instruments
The Nova Ray Design's Advanced Underwater Flight Dynamics
The Nova Ray Design's Advanced Hydrodynamics